Special E470 Pricing

Fine Airport Parking is proud to partner with E470. Fine Airport Parking is offering special pricing on parking with a Toll Tag. Below is all the information you need to get the discount and for easy travel to and from Fine Airport Parking, as well as information about the facility. If you need anything or have any further questions please contact Jonathan Schillace at Fine Airport Parking: debbie@fineairportparking.com

How to Use

Make sure your toll tag is in Toll Mode and NOT in HOV. You will need to have a frequent parker profile with us for the Toll Tag to work.

  1. Pull up to our gates, they will automatically open
  2. Park valet, indoor or outdoor
  3. Pull up to exit gates, they will automatically open
  4. A receipt will be emailed to you upon exit

How to get special pricing off all parking:

1. Download the Fine Denver app:

2. Create an account and add E470 as the company name (If you already have an existing account, email Debbie at debbie@fineairportparking.com)

3. Enter 7 digit number on the back of your E470 transmitter and attach a credit card

4. Enter and exit facility by your E470 Toll Tag.

This is a manual process that is done M-F 9AM-5PM. Please allow up to 24 hours during the week to process.

2021 Rates:

Valet- $15.75

Indoor- $12

Outdoor- $7.50