General FAQ

Do I need a reservation to Park and how do I make a reservation?

No reservation is required. Reservations are recommended during all major Holidays.

You can make reservations online by clicking the Reservation Tab.

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When should I arrive at Fine to get to my Flight on Time?
We suggest you arrive at Fine at least 2 hours before flight. Return to Top
What is the frequency of the shuttles to Denver International Airport?
Shuttles rotate continuously between the facility and the terminal providing fast, convenient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Return to Top
Where do I park when I get there?
You will be greeted at the entry gate when you arrive at FINE. We will direct you to your parking spot and have a shuttle waiting to pick you up at your vehicle. If you have a reservation, please show it at the gate. If you are a FPP Customer, you may enter and park in the designated rows-(Indoor or Outdoor). Valet guest will be accommodated inside. The valet attendant will park your vehicle with a valet number to retrieve your car. Return to Top
How do I catch the shuttle when I return?
To catch a shuttle at DIA to return to FINE, you will need to exit out of the baggage claim area on level 5, door 513 EAST SIDE or 504 WEST SIDE, then proceed to lane 3 to the area marked as off-airport parking. FINE shuttles can only pick up in this designated area. Return to Top
Where do I pay for parking?

There are several ways to pay for parking at Fine.

1)     Four exit lanes are located on the southeast corner of the facility, where all outdoor and indoor customers exit. Each lane has automated pay-in-lane machines that accepts credit card payment.

2)     We also have a cashier on duty 24/7 in the main lobby where all customers can pay with cash or credit.

3)     We also have a Pay on Foot machine inside the main lobby where all customers can walk up and pay for their parking using credit only.

4)     All of our exit lanes are equipped with special readers which allow customers who are signed up for our Park Pass/Toll Tag Program, ticketless entry and exit. Return to Top
Do you have coupons?
We do have coupons in the marketplace. All coupons are required to be scanned upon your exit. They can be printed and scanned or scanned from your phone at any of the exit lanes. Return to Top
Do you have handicap parking and accessible shuttles?
We do have handicap parking at our indoor and outdoor parking sections. The greeter will give directions when you enter the lot. Return to Top
What if your EV Charging stations are full?
We have 12 EV Charging stations located in the indoor parking garage.  EV charging is available to valet customer and indoor customers. Return to Top
Does the parking lot have security?
Fine Airport Parking is fully-fenced and well lit. We are staffed  24/7, 365 days of the year with surveillance cameras throughout the facility. Return to Top
Are you open 24/7 365 days a week?
Yes. Fine Airport Parking is open year round with shuttle service running 24 hours a day. Return to Top
I'm staying past my reserved time what happens?
If you are staying past your reservation time, NO PROBLEM!  You can return anytime.  Reservations are prepaid, so you will pay at the exit for your stay. If you are using your Reward Points, you will pay the difference. Return to Top
Can I combine coupons?
You will not be able to combine coupons. If you are using Points, you can combine your Park Pass or Toll tag rate with your free days. Return to Top
Do you allow pets on the shuttles?
Yes we do allow pets. We request you have them in a secured cage or on a leash. Return to Top
How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
You can make a reservation 6 months in advance or as soon as you know your travel dates, you can reserve parking. Return to Top
Is renting my car at Fine allowed, like Turo?
For liability reasons, Fine does not allow renting your vehicle to others from our facility. Return to Top

Location FAQ

Where are you located?

We are located at 5950 N. Jackson Gap Way Aurora, CO 80019.

Directions: Off Pena Blvd., take 56th Avenue east 5 miles to Jackson Gap Way, then turn left on Jackson Gap Way. Fine Airport Parking is located on your right.

From E-470, take exit 56th Avenue, head east 1 mile to Jackson Gap Way. Turn Left and Fine Airport Parking is on your right.

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What are the cross streets to your location?
The cross streets to Fine Airport Parking are 56th and Jackson Gap Way, 1 mile east of E-470. Return to Top

Rewards and Programs FAQ

How do I create an account and how long does it take before I can use it?

You can go to our website, www.denver.fineairportparking.com to create an account. Just click on Park Pass Frequent Parker Program, create an account, set-up a profile with a credit card on file, and you are ready to go.

You can attach your Toll Tag number to your account for ticketless entry and exit, use your account on your Smartphone through our FINE app, or request a prox card.

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How do I update my credit card?
If you are updating your credit card, you can go online and update it yourself or call the Administrative Office and we will assist you. If you are traveling and happen to be on the run, you will need to call the office or stop by before you exit. Return to Top
Do I have to make a reservation if I belong to the Rewards Program?
If you desire a certain area of parking, you might want to make a reservation. You are not guaranteed a space if we are full indoors or Valet. However, the spaces that we have available, we can accommodate you at that time. Return to Top
How do I redeem my free days?
To redeem your free days, you can go online and make a reservation before you enter the lot. If you stay longer than your points can cover, you can pay for the remaining of your stay. If you forget to make a reservation, you can redeem points in the office before you exit. Return to Top
Do I need to cancel my reservations?
We ask that you call the Administrative Office to cancel your reservation. If you use points, you will need to contact the Admin. Office as well. Return to Top
What happens if I can't get in or off the parking lot with my parking pass?
If, for some reason, you can't exit please proceed to the Administrative Office or the Valet Lobby, to verify your credit card information. Return to Top
Do I need a parking ticket with my parking pass?
If you have a parking pass and for some reason you can't enter, pull a ticket and come to the Administrative Office to rectify the problem. Return to Top
What happens if my flight is canceled?
If for some reason your flight is canceled, we value your time. We will cancel your parking fee and see you when you return! Return to Top