Enjoy Fine Airport Parking’s automated point system known as SMART PARK. To earn points as you travel, you will need to sign up and convert your cards to the new program. Simply fill out our short Enrollment Form and you will be issued a plastic SMART PARK card.


Where Are My Points & How Do I Redeem Points?

When you’re ready to redeem your reward points, simply hand your SMART PARK card to the cashier when checking out, just like you would have in the past with your Frequent Parker Card. If you lose your card, don’t worry, all your points are electronically banked in our system and a new card is easily re-issued at no cost. If you provide us with your email address, an online account will be provided to you. Through this account you can manage your points, edit your profile and sign up for special offers and more.


What Are My Points Worth?

For every one (1) dollar you spend you will receive one (1) point. Bank your points, when you’re ready to redeem see a cashier and choose the reward.  Points cannot be redeemed for partial rewards. For example, if your point balance is 1250, you may not use your points for a reward worth more than 1250 points.

Points can be redeemed as follows: **
125 pts =          ONE DAY OF PARKING
250 pts =          FINE EXTERIOR WASH
450 pts =          FINE HAND WASH & VACUUM
1,250 pts =        STANDARD WASH & WAX
2,500 pts =        GOLD DETAIL PACKAGE
5,000 pts =        PLATINUM DETAIL PACKAGE

**You may redeem your points for multiple rewards on any given stay. For example, you may use 500 points for 4 days of parking and 450 points for a FINE Hand Wash & Vacuum, for a total deduction of 950 points from your account.